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FCC 1.401
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.401   Petitions for rulemaking.

   (a) Any interested person may petition for the issuance, amendment or
   repeal of a rule or regulation.

   (b) The petition for rule making shall conform to the requirements of
   § § 1.49, 1.52, and 1.419(b) (or § 1.420(e), if applicable), and shall
   be submitted or addressed to the Secretary, Federal Communications
   Commission, Washington, DC 20554, or may be submitted electronically.

   (c) The petition shall set forth the text or substance of the proposed
   rule, amendment, or rule to be repealed, together with all facts,
   views, arguments and data deemed to support the action requested, and
   shall indicate how the interests of petitioner will be affected.

   (d) Petitions for amendment of the FM Table of Assignments (§ 73.202 of
   this chapter) or the Television Table of Assignments (§ 73.606) shall
   be served by petitioner on any Commission licensee or permittee whose
   channel assignment would be changed by grant of the petition. The
   petition shall be accompanied by a certificate of service on such
   licensees or permittees. Petitions to amend the FM Table of Allotments
   must be accompanied by the appropriate construction permit application
   and payment of the appropriate application filing fee.

   (e) Petitions which are moot, premature, repetitive, frivolous, or
   which plainly do not warrant consideration by the Commission may be
   denied or dismissed without prejudice to the petitioner.

   [ 28 FR 12432 , Nov. 22, 1963, as amended at  28 FR 14503 , Dec. 31, 1963;
    40 FR 53391 , Nov. 18, 1975;  45 FR 42621 , June 25, 1980;  63 FR 24125 ,
   May 1, 1998;  71 FR 76215 , Dec. 20, 2006]

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