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FCC 1.27
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.27   Witnesses; right to counsel.

   Any individual compelled to appear in person in any Commission
   proceeding may be accompanied, represented, and advised by counsel as
   provided in this section. (Regulations as to persons seeking
   voluntarily to appear and give evidence are set forth in § 1.225.)

   (a) Counsel may advise his client in confidence, either upon his own
   initiative or that of the witness, before, during, and after the
   conclusion of the proceeding.

   (b) Counsel for the witness will be permitted to make objections on the
   record, and to state briefly the basis for such objections, in
   connection with any examination of his client.

   (c) At the conclusion of the examination of his client, counsel may ask
   clarifying questions if in the judgment of the presiding officer such
   questioning is necessary or desirable in order to avoid ambiguity or
   incompleteness in the responses previously given.

   (d) Except as provided by paragraph (c) of this section, counsel for
   the witness may not examine or cross-examine any witness, or offer
   documentary evidence, unless authorized by the Commission to do so.

   (5 U.S.C. 555)

   [ 29 FR 12775 , Sept. 10, 1964]

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