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FCC 1.2103
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.2103   Competitive bidding design options.

   Link to an amendment published at  79 FR 48528 , August 15, 2014.

   (a) The Commission will choose from one or more of the following types
   of auction designs for services or classes of services subject to
   competitive bidding:

   (1) Simultaneous multiple-round auctions (using remote or on-site
   electronic bidding);

   (2) Sequential multiple round auctions (using either oral ascending or
   remote and/or on-site electronic bidding);

   (3) Sequential or simultaneous single-round auctions (using either
   sealed paper or remote and/or on-site electronic bidding); and

   (4) Combinatorial (package) bidding auctions.

   (b) The Commission may use combinatorial bidding, which would allow
   bidders to submit all or nothing bids on combinations of licenses or
   authorizations, in addition to bids on individual licenses or
   authorizations. The Commission may require that to be declared the high
   bid, a combinatorial bid must exceed the sum of the individual bids by
   a specified amount. Combinatorial bidding may be used with any type of
   auction. The Commission may also allow bidders to submit contingent
   bids on individual and/or combinations of licenses.

   (1) Apportioned package bid. The apportioned package bid on a license
   is an estimate of the price of an individual license included in a
   package of licenses in an auction with combinatorial (package) bidding.
   Apportioned package bids shall be determined by the Commission
   according to a methodology it establishes in advance of each auction
   with combinatorial bidding.

   (2) Substitute for bid amount. The apportioned package bid on a license
   included in a package shall be used in place of the amount of an
   individual bid on that license when the bid amount is needed to
   determine the size of a designated entity bidding credit (see
   § 1.2110(f)(1) and (f)(2)), a new entrant bidding credit (see
   § 73.5007), a bid withdrawal or default payment obligation (see
   § 1.2104(g)), a tribal land bidding credit limit (see
   § 1.2110(f)(3)(iv)), or a size-based bidding credit unjust enrichment
   payment obligation (see § 1.2111(d), (e)(2) and (e)(3)), or for any
   other determination required by the Commission's rules or procedures.

   (c) The Commission may use single combined auctions, which combine
   bidding for two or more substitutable licenses and award licenses to
   the highest bidders until the available licenses are exhausted. This
   technique may be used in conjunction with any type of auction.

   (d) The Commission may use real time bidding in all electronic auction

   [ 59 FR 44293 , Aug. 26, 1994, as amended at  62 FR 13542 , Mar. 21, 1997;
    63 FR 2341 , Jan. 15, 1998;  68 FR 42995 , July 21, 2003;  71 FR 6226 , Feb.
   7, 2006]

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