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FCC 1.1929
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.1929   Deduction from employee's pay.

   (a) Deduction by salary offset, from an employee's current disposable
   pay, shall be subject to the following conditions:

   (1) Ordinarily, debts to the United States will be collected in full,
   in one lump sum. This will be done when funds are available for payment
   in one lump sum. However, if the employee is financially unable to pay
   in one lump sum or the amount of the debt exceeds 15 percent of
   disposable pay for an officially established pay interval, collection
   must be made in installments.

   (2) The size of the installment deductions will bear a reasonable
   relationship to the size of the debt and the employee's ability to pay
   (see the FCCS). However, the installments will not exceed 15 percent of
   the disposable pay from which the deduction is made, unless the
   employee has agreed in writing to the deduction of a greater amount.

   (3) Deduction will generally commence with the next full pay interval
   (ordinarily the next biweekly pay period) following the date: of the
   employee's written consent to salary offset, the waiver of hearing, or
   the decision issued by the hearing officer.

   (4) Installment deductions will be pro-rated for a period not greater
   than the anticipated period of employment except as provided in
   § 1.1930.

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