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FCC 1.1414
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.1414   State certification.

   (a) If the Commission does not receive certification from a state that:

   (1) It regulates rates, terms and conditions for pole attachments;

   (2) In so regulating such rates, terms and conditions, the state has
   the authority to consider and does consider the interests of the
   subscribers of cable television services as well as the interests of
   the consumers of the utility services; and,

   (3) It has issued and made effective rules and regulations implementing
   the state's regulatory authority over pole attachments (including a
   specific methodology for such regulation which has been made publicly
   available in the state), it will be rebuttably presumed that the state
   is not regulating pole attachments.

   (b) Upon receipt of such certification, the Commission shall give
   public notice. In addition, the Commission shall compile and publish
   from time to time, a listing of states which have provided

   (c) Upon receipt of such certification, the Commission shall forward
   any pending case thereby affected to the state regulatory authority,
   shall so notify the parties involved and shall give public notice

   (d) Certification shall be by order of the state regulatory body or by
   a person having lawful delegated authority under provisions of state
   law to submit such certification. Said person shall provide in writing
   a statement that he or she has such authority and shall cite the law,
   regulation or other instrument conferring such authority.

   (e) Notwithstanding any such certification, jurisdiction will revert to
   this Commission with respect to any individual matter, unless the state
   takes final action on a complaint regarding such matter:

   (1) Within 180 days after the complaint is filed with the state, or

   (2) Within the applicable periods prescribed for such final action in
   such rules and regulations of the state, if the prescribed period does
   not extend beyond 360 days after the filing of such complaint.

   [ 43 FR 36094 , Aug. 15, 1978, as amended at  44 FR 31650 , June 1, 1979;
    50 FR 18659 , May 5, 1985]

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