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FCC 1.1119
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.1119   Petitions and applications for review.

   (a) The fees established by this subpart may be waived or deferred in
   specific instances where good cause is shown and where waiver or
   deferral of the fee would promote the public interest.

   (b) Requests for waivers or deferrals will only be considered when
   received from applicants acting in respect to their own applications.
   Requests for waivers or deferrals of entire classes of services will
   not be considered.

   (c) Petitions for waivers, deferrals, fee determinations,
   reconsiderations and applications for review will be acted upon by the
   Managing Director with the concurrence of the General Counsel. All such
   filings within the scope of the fee rules shall be filed as a separate
   pleading and clearly marked to the attention of the Managing Director.
   Any such request that is not filed as a separate pleading will not be
   considered by the Commission. Requests for deferral of a fee payment
   for financial hardship must be accompanied by supporting documentation.

   (1) Petitions and applications for review submitted with a fee must be
   submitted to the Commission's lock box bank at the address for the
   appropriate service set forth in § § 1.1102 through 1.1107.

   (2) If no fee payment is submitted, the request should be filed with
   the Commission's Secretary.

   (d) Deferrals of fees will be granted for an established period of time
   not to exceed six months.

   (e) Applicants seeking waivers must submit the request for waiver with
   the application or filing, required fee and FCC Form 159, or a request
   for deferral. A petition for waiver and/or deferral of payment must be
   submitted to the Office of the Managing Director as specified in
   paragraph (c) of this section. Waiver requests that do not include
   these materials will be dismissed in accordance with § 1.1111 of this
   subpart. Submitted fees will be returned if a waiver is granted. The
   Commission will not be responsible for delays in acting upon these

   (f) Petitions for waiver of a fee based on financial hardship will be
   subject to the provisions of paragraph 1.1166(e).

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   16, 1994, as further amended at  59 FR 30999 , June 16, 1994.
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