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FCC 1.1106
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 1.1106   Schedule of charges for applications and other filings for the
enforcement services.

   Payment can be made electronically using the Commission's electronic
   filing and payment system "Fee Filer" ( Remit
   manual filings and/or payments for these services to: Federal
   Communications Commission, Enforcement Bureau, P.O. Box 979094, St.
   Louis, MO 63197-9000 with the exception of Accounting and Audits, which
   will be invoiced. Carriers should follow invoice instructions when
   making payment.
   Service FCC Form No. Fee amount Payment type
   1. Formal Complaints Corres & 159 $225.00 CIZ
   2. Accounting and Audits:
   a. Field Audit Carriers will be invoiced for the amount due $115,370.00
   b. Review of Attest Audit Carriers will be invoiced for the amount due
   $62,975.00 BLA
   3. Development and Review of Agreed Upon--Procedures Engagement Corres
   & 159 $62,975.00 BLA
   4. Pole Attachment Complaint Corres & 159 $280.00 TPC

   [ 79 FR 26173 , May 7, 2014]

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