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FCC 0.351
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 0.351   Authority delegated.

   The Chief Administrative Law Judge shall act on the following matters
   in proceedings conducted by hearing examiners:

   (a) Initial specifications of the time and place of hearings where not
   otherwise specified by the Commission and excepting actions under
   authority delegated by § 0.296.

   (b) Designation of the hearing examiner to preside at hearings.

   (c) Orders directing the parties or their attorneys to appear at a
   specified time and place before the hearing examiner for an initial
   prehearing conference in accordance with § 1.251(a) of this chapter.
   (The administrative law judge named to preside at the hearing may order
   an initial prehearing conference although the Chief Administrative Law
   Judge may not have seen fit to do so and may order supplementary
   prehearing conferences in accordance with § 1.251(b) of this chapter.)

   (d) Petitions requesting a change in the place of hearing where the
   hearing is scheduled to begin in the District of Columbia or where the
   hearing is scheduled to begin at a field location and all appropriate
   proceedings at that location have not been completed. (See § 1.253 of
   this chapter.) However, if all parties to a proceeding concur in
   holding all hearing sessions in the District of Columbia rather than at
   any field location, the presiding administrative law judge may act on
   the request.

   (e) In the absence of the administrative law judge who has been
   designated to preside in a proceeding, to discharge the administrative
   law judge's functions.

   (f) All pleadings filed, or matters which arise, after a proceeding has
   been designated for hearing, but before a law judge has been
   designated, which would otherwise be acted upon by the law judge,
   including all pleadings filed, or matters which arise, in cease and
   desist and/or revocation proceedings prior to the designation of a
   presiding officer.

   (g) All pleadings (such as motions for extension of time) which are
   related to matters to be acted upon by the Chief Administrative Law

   (h) If the administrative law judge designated to preside at a hearing
   becomes unavailable, to order a rehearing or to order that the hearing
   continue before another administrative law judge and, in either case,
   to designate the judge who is to preside.

   (i) The consolidation of related proceedings pursuant to § 1.227(a) of
   this chapter, after designation of those proceedings for hearing.

   [ 29 FR 6443 , May 16, 1964, as amended at  37 FR 19372 , Sept. 20, 1972;
    38 FR 30559 , Nov. 6, 1973;  43 FR 49307 , Oct. 23, 1978;  44 FR 76295 ,
   Dec. 26, 1979]

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