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FCC 0.121
Revised as of October 1, 2014
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§ 0.121   Location of field installations.

   (a) Field offices are located throughout the United States. For the
   address and phone number of the closest office contact the Enforcement
   Bureau or see the U.S. Government Manual.

   (b) Protected field offices are located at the following geographical
   coordinates (coordinates are referenced to North American Datum 1983

   Allegan, Michigan, 42DEG36'20.1'' N. Latitude, 85DEG57'20.1'' W.

   Belfast, Maine, 44DEG26'42.3'' N. Latitude, 69DEG04'56.1'' W. Longitude

   Canandaigua, New York, 42DEG54'48.2'' N. Latitude, 77DEG15'57.9'' W.

   Douglas, Arizona, 31DEG30'02.3'' N. Latitude, 109DEG39'14.3'' W.

   Ferndale, Washington, 48DEG57'20.4'' N. Latitude, 122DEG33'17.6'' W.

   Grand Island, Nebraska, 40DEG55'21.0'' N. Latitude, 98DEG25'43.2'' W.

   Kenai, Alaska, 60DEG43'26.0'' N. Latitude, 151DEG20'15.0'' W. Longitude

   Kingsville, Texas, 27DEG26'30.1'' N. Latitude, 97DEG53'01.0'' W.

   Laurel, Maryland, 39DEG09'54.4'' N. Latitude, 76DEG49'15.9'' W.

   Livermore, California, 37DEG43'29.7'' N. Latitude, 121DEG45'15.8'' W.

   Powder Springs, Georgia, 33DEG51'44.4'' N. Latitude, 84DEG43'25.8'' W.

   Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, 18DEG00'18.9'' N. Latitude, 66DEG22'30.6''
   W. Longitude

   Vero Beach, Florida, 27DEG36'22.1'' N. Latitude, 80DEG38'05.2'' W.

   Waipahu, Hawaii, 21DEG22'33.6'' N. Latitude, 157DEG59'44.1'' W.

   [ 53 FR 29054 , Aug. 2, 1988, as amended at  61 FR 8477 , Mar. 5, 1996;  63 FR 68918 , Dec. 14, 1998;  64 FR 60718 , Nov. 8, 1999;  67 FR 13219 , Mar.
   21, 2002;  69 FR 58097 , Sept. 29, 2004]

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