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FCC 73.816
Revised as of December 4, 2012
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§  73.816   Antennas.

   (a) Permittees and licensees may employ nondirectional antennas with
   horizontal only polarization, vertical only polarization, circular
   polarization or elliptical polarization.

   (b) Directional antennas will not be authorized and may not be utilized
   in the LPFM service, except as provided in paragraph (c) of this

   (c) Public safety and transportation permittees and licensees, eligible
   pursuant to §  73.853(a)(ii), may utilize directional antennas in
   connection with the operation of a Travelers' Information Service (TIS)
   provided each LPFM TIS station utilizes only a single antenna with
   standard pattern characteristics that are predetermined by the
   manufacturer. In no event may composite antennas ( i.e. , antennas that
   consist of multiple stacked and/or phased discrete transmitting
   antennas) and/or transmitters be employed.

   (d) LPFM TIS stations will be authorized as nondirectional stations.
   The use of a directional antenna as provided for in paragraph (c) of
   this section will not be considered in the determination of compliance
   with any requirements of this part.

   [ 65 FR 67303 , Nov. 9, 2000]

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