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FCC 69.5
Revised as of December 4, 2012
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§  69.5   Persons to be assessed.

   (a) End user charges shall be computed and assessed upon public end
   users, and upon providers of public telephones, as defined in this
   subpart, and as provided in subpart B of this part.

   (b) Carrier's carrier charges shall be computed and assessed upon all
   interexchange carriers that use local exchange switching facilities for
   the provision of interstate or foreign telecommunications services.

   (c) Special access surcharges shall be assessed upon users of exchange
   facilities that interconnect these facilities with means of interstate
   or foreign telecommunications to the extent that carrier's carrier
   charges are not assessed upon such interconnected usage. As an interim
   measure pending the development of techniques accurately to measure
   such interconnected use and to assess such charges on a reasonable and
   non-discriminatory basis, telephone companies shall assess special
   access surcharges upon the closed ends of private line services and
   WATS services pursuant to the provisions of §  69.115 of this part.

   (d) [Reserved]

   (47 U.S.C. 154 (i) and (j), 201, 202, 203, 205, 218 and 403 and 5
   U.S.C. 553)

   [ 48 FR 43017 , Sept. 21, 1983, as amended at  51 FR 10840 , Mar. 31, 1986;
    51 FR 33752 , Sept. 23, 1986;  52 FR 21540 , June 8, 1987;  54 FR 50624 ,
   Dec. 8, 1989;  61 FR 65364 , Dec. 12, 1996;  64 FR 60359 , Nov. 5, 1999]

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Subpart B—Computation of Charges

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