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FCC 22.946
Revised as of December 4, 2012
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§  22.946   Service commencement and construction systems.

   (a) Commencement of service. New cellular systems must be at least
   partially constructed and begin providing cellular service to
   subscribers within the service commencement periods specified in Table
   H-1 of this section. Service commencement periods begin on the date of
   grant of the initial authorization, and are not extended by the grant
   of subsequent authorizations for the cellular system (such as for major
   modifications). The licensee must notify the FCC (FCC Form 601) after
   the requirements of this section are met ( see §  1.946 of this

   Table H-1—Commencement of Service
   Type of cellular system Required to commence service in
   The first system authorized on each channel block in markets 1-90 36
   The first system authorized on each channel block in all other markets
   and any subsequent systems authorized pursuant to contracts in
   partitioned markets 18 months.
   The first system authorized on each channel block in the Gulf of Mexico
   Exclusive Zone No requirement.
   All other systems 12 months.

   (b) To satisfy this requirement, a cellular system must be
   interconnected with the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and
   must be providing service to mobile stations operated by its
   subscribers and roamers. A cellular system is considered to be
   providing service only if mobile stations can originate telephone calls
   to and receive telephone calls from wireline telephones through the

   (c) Construction period for specific facilities. The construction
   period applicable to specific new or modified cellular facilities for
   which a separate authorization is granted is one year, beginning on the
   date the authorization is granted.

   [ 67 FR 9609 , Mar. 4, 2002, as amended at  67 FR 77192 , Dec. 17, 2002]

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